Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium Nicola Neal, Evidential Medium
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psychic medium Nicola Neal      psychic medium Nicola Neal

Welcome to the website of Nicola Neal, Spiritualist Medium, Tutor and Healer. This is where you will find out more about Nicola, book an appointment and see what exciting events she has planned in the future.

Nicola has been professionally reading for many satisfied clients over the past seven years, and is extremely passionate and dedicated to what she does.

Nicola regularly attends development courses herself as she is consistently striving to be a better bridge between the Worlds, both with mediumship and healing.

Nicola lives at South Ripley, Queensland and works from home by appointment only.

**Photo Readings can be emailed or a photocopy posted by mail. Your photo reading will be sent to you the same way it was received.

Click here to see and book all readings.

evidential medium Nicola Neal

Love never dies... for it is the very fabric that keeps the connection between Worlds and each other alive. Come along this Valentines season to see Nicola Neal make heartfelt connections with loved ones in the Spirit World and listen as she relays sensitive loving messages from those crossed over.



Bring a photograph of a loved one passed over and (time permitting) Nicola will attempt to connect with them.

*Please be aware that this show is for entertainment purposes only. As all mediumship is an experiment, Nicola Neal doesn’t guarantee a connection or message.

evidential medium Nicola Neal

Would you like to send someone healing? Or are you in need of some healing yourself?

That someone can be anyone you hold dear to your heart, anyone currently going through a difficult time, suffering physical or mental illness, or indeed a poorly family pet.

If so, by going to my healing page, you can register their name and optionally, why the healing energy is needed, along with your name and email as the nominee.

All of this information remains private as I do not share details with anyone.

The healing information will be put into my special healing book and energy will be sent out every day to those contained within its pages. Once the name is in there, it remains there unless notified otherwise.

This is a free service, however donations are gratefully accepted via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard.

Other services I offer are:

  • One to one private readings
  • Platform demonstrations of evidential mediumship
  • Development circles
  • Family group Mediumship
  • Channeled Trance Healings
  • Psychic Parties

evidential medium Nicola Neal

Have you ever considered hosting a psychic party where the Medium comes to you? Gather a maximum of 6 friends together for a time of fun, relaxation and enlightenment as Nicola gives each of your guests a private mini reading, and then have fun with some interactive games where you may astound yourselves with your own psychic prowess and (time permitting) Nicola will finish your event with a platform demonstration of mediumship. Allow 2 1/2 - 3 hours. The host is FREE.

Click here for more details and to make a booking.

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